Exam Update

As my JCNIS-SEC exam is coming up this year, preparations are being made to ensure my exam is a successful one. My copy of Juniper SRX Series by Brad Woodberg arrived last week and I’m awaiting my copy of Junos Security, due to arrive shortly.


Late last year I bought myself some SRX hardware, a SRX210HE. There are a few versions of the SRX210, and when I was choosing some hardware on ebay I wanted to make sure I chose a high memory version.

SRX210 Services Gateway Models
SRX210 Services Gateway Models

My physical Juniper Lab is going OK. I had a few snags when setting up the physical SRX2010, more of a learning experience than anything else. I managed to lock myself out of the device, and was unable to reset to factory default configuration. Why? Because I wiped over the rescue configuration – d’oh. Then, getting back via user recovery mode wouldn’t work and the root account was blocked, what I believe is single user recovery mode.

I ended up trawling the Juniper Forums and then having to flash the device. To be honest it was pretty fun, even if I did think I’d turned my SRX into a £180 brick! I’ve prepared a post detailing the steps taken, it’s in draft and will be up in good time.

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