SRX300 – Signed Driver for USB Console Port

All been a bit quiet here for a while, so just posting a small note to keep the blog flowing.

Normally I connect up to hardware via a USB to Serial Cable. The SRX300, a newer model of the small/medium sized branch Firewall/Router comes with an USB interface. This differs from the USB input port you get for updating firmware. The box ships with a standard USB type A to USB Mini Type B cable (link just for identification purposes) and  I thought i’d test out the on board USB port and supplied cable.

When I connected it up to the laptop, device manager identifies it as Juniper Networks BX Series System Console. When I searched around the web and Juniper website I couldn’t seem to find a driver that would work.

Juniper Networks BX Series System Console
Juniper Networks BX Series System Console

Eventually, I found a site which had a bit of information regarding the on board connection, a SiLabs USB->RS232 interface. And reference that Juniper has used a modified version of the chipset driver. In the link below there is a driver that has been signed by the author and instantly the driver worked for me. So worth a look, that being said, you can’t beat your good old USB-Serial console port but handy if you ever forget it on the road!

COMport Identified in Device Manager
SRX300 with supplied USB console cable
SRX300 with supplied USB console cable

Juniper SRX300 and SRX340 USB driver

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